Welcome! Thank you for your interest.

Create an account & set up a team

After you log in for the first time, you're asked to set up a team. This will enable you to invite and share prospective customers with other members of your team.

Each user may also import their own list of customers and not share it with the team.

Import your customers list

The first thing to do is to import your customers list. You may import a flat file in CSV or Excel format.

Select what to import

Your file may be in different format and contain more information than we need. So, you may choose what to import.

We'll show the first five entries, so you can determine the data to use.

Set up your rules

After you have successfully imported your customers list, you can decide when and where you will be visiting your customers.

You can also set approximately how long each visit last and the radius that you're willing to travel during this time.

You may change this details at any time to see an update list based on your preferences.

List of customers nearby

On the left side of the page, you'll see all of the details of the customers that you have imported. You may edit the customers' details or remove customers.

And on the right side, you'll have a map with the location of these customers in relation to you.

Click on the Generate Schedule button to have a schedule automatically created because on the customers' locations and your availability.

Suggested Schedule

A list of customers is suggested for each day that you're available based on their proximity to your starting point.

You can now get on the phone with those customers and see when/if they're available. As their available meeting time change or if they're not interested, new customers are suggested to replace them in the most optimal way.

Once all of the meetings are confirmed, you're good to go!

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Do I have to know the lat/long of my clients? What info do I need to import?

No. If you have your customers' addresses, we'll be able to plot them on the map.

Can I import my Excel file?

Yes, you can import an Excel or CSV file.

Is the connection secure? We have strict data privacy policy.

Yes, Assistant.li will use standard SSL connection. Your excel file is deleted automatically after the fields are imported. Nobody will have access to your data except you and your team.

Fully hosted version is available for increased privacy. Contact us for more info.